Audiobooks, podcasts ... the French have their heads in the headset

It's a well-honed ritual that begins before you even close the front door.Every morning, Carmelina Collado prepares her literary dose.Untangling and plugging in the headphones, checking where to start again and just having to press the little triangle "Play", and dive down the stairs into her audio book.Here she goes for thirty-five minutes of immersion, the journey time to her Paris office, in a novel in Spanish, a thriller in English or a saga in French."My bubble of calm in the tumult of the metro - which does not prevent me from apologizing if I step on my neighbor's foot."

This has already been going on for five years.This polyglot, a manager in a large hotel group, caught the virus on vacation.The reverberation of the sun which blurs the view, the grains of sand in the pages, the bag too loaded to accommodate a weight additional, so many good reasons which made him test "the book which speaks".

Result: "The three volumes of Millennium on a Brazilian beach in three weeks, she laughs.I had just discovered the power of the voice to enter into a story, the emotion of listening.Since then, I never quit again; on the contrary, I supplement at other times with podcasts."

Generation Marlène Jobert

Raise your head from the screen to let yourself be lulled by words, listen to a writer's story, the adventures of an adventurer or the wisdom of a Buddhist monk… more and more of them are opening their ears wide .And to stock up on stories by listening to books but also podcasts or "podcasts", as Quebecers call them, these programs (from programs broadcast on so-called "native" channels or podcasts, original creations) that you can download for free and then consume at any time from your mobile or tablet.

Posted Date: 2020-08-29

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